New York City

New York City

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ISBN: 9781584158080

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When the students in Ms. Harrington s class got to school, they thought it would be just a regular school day. When they started to learn about New York City, it got a little more interesting, but when Ms. Harrington told them they were going on a class trip to New York, they couldn t believe it!

Before their trip, the class explored New York City s history; learned about city habitats, from forests to beaches; discovered what New Yorkers do in their spare time; and found out about all the different foods people eat in the various neighborhoods of the city s five boroughs.

The students visit to New York City was more exciting than they had imagined. Ms. Harrington took them to the Statue of Liberty, a Broadway play, famous museums, the Empire State Building, and more. It was the best class trip ever!

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