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ISBN: 9781584157052

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Odysseus is one of the greatest heroes of Greek culture. Known for his cunning and intelligence, he was instrumental in helping the Greeks emerge victorious in the Trojan War. But it was his adventures after the ten-year war ended that inspired Homer to immortalize him in The Odyssey.

The ancient Greeks felt a special kinship with Odysseus. While they admired physical prowess and respected courage and determination, they revered cunning and intelligence above all. Find out how Odysseus uses his brains and his brawn to fight a flesh-eating Cyclops; endure the Sirens song, which lured sailors to their death; and outmaneuver deadly rocks that crushed ships trying to pass through them. Then see how he regains mastery in his kingdom when he returns to Ithaca and his queen, who has waited for him patiently for twenty years.

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