Orlando Bloom

Orlando Bloom

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ISBN: 9781584155157

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You may think you know everything about that good-looking actor from the Lord of the Rings trilogy, but do you? Orlando Bloom is a familiar face to many movie-goers, of course. But just what is behind that great smile and curly hair?

Bloom has had a fascinating life. Learn all about his most embarrassing moment when he was only a small child. Find out what he discovered about his family when he was a young teenager. Read about the life-changing accident he had that almost kept him out of films.

Bloom s rise to stardom has been amazingly fast. Whether he is grabbing an arrow as Legolas, fencing with Johnny Depp as Will Turner, or struggling to survive a near-fatal injury as Private First Class Todd Blackburn, he shines on the screen and keeps the fans lining up at the theater. Find out why.

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