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Ornette Coleman

Ornette Coleman

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ISBN: 9781612282688

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One cold November Night in 1959, a screeching, pleading sax solo sliced through the broken shadows of the cold New York City air. Ornette Coleman announced his arrival on a plastic saxophone, changing the shape of jazz to come. The father of free jazz, Coleman believes in the art of the improvisers. Coleman champions the power of instruments, more than just a song, to create a spontaneous conversation in music that speaks of human feelings. To his critics, the unprecedented music of Ornette Coleman is nothing more than noise. But his many fans and awards testify to a career that, like his music, opens a caravan of dreams, ignoring boundaries in favor of a relentless celebration of creativity. Coleman’s is no snobby jazz. Throughout Coleman’s career, he championed a music played in the moment . . . a music that’s dancing in your head.

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