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ISBN: 9781584157670

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Superstar Pink has reached the top of the charts by mixing grit with glamour on her albums and in her stunning stage shows. A complex performer, her sound is part rock, part punk, part R&B, and all heartfelt. Whether she s grieving a lost love or picking apart another celebrity, Pink speaks her mind and allows her music to show her individuality as well as her talent.

Growing up, Alecia Beth Moore was a bit of a wild child who couldn t find focus—until she made music her life. When her band, Choice, secured a recording contract but then broke up, Pink went solo. She strengthened her mind, body, and voice to become a tough-as-nails talent who won t bow down to commercial pressures. Find out what makes this versatile artist a star on her own, and why others are so eager to work with her.

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