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Preparing for a Blizzard / Preparandonos para Una Tormenta de Nieve

Preparing for a Blizzard / Preparandonos para Una Tormenta de Nieve

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ISBN: 9781680204414

Dewey Number: 613.0

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This book will help young readers become familiar with the dangers of blizzards and how to best prepare for them. After reading about this occurrence, adults and children can discuss ways in which families can stay safe during this ferocious natural disaster. Este libro ayudará a los jóvenes lectores a familiarizarse con los peligros de las tormentas de nieve y cómo prepararse. Después de leer acerca de esto, adultos y niños pueden hablar sobre las formas en que las familias pueden mantenerse seguras durante este fuerte desastre natural.

Gr 1-3–Each volume of this series focuses on a natural disaster and the characteristics of each, how to prepare, staying safe, and the recovery process after the storm. Repetition of phrases will help children retain what they read: For example, in Preparing for a Blizzard, each section of text ends with the same phrase, “Brrr, it’s a blizzard! / Brrr ¡Es una tormenta de nieve!” Text and pictures are large, making this an ideal series for the earliest readers. The authors emphasize how each storm clears and that the sun (or even a rainbow) appears when the disaster passes. VERDICT This is a fun-to-read, well-translated series that will introduce basic disaster preparedness for early readers while providing comfort to those who might fear storms.”--School Library Journal, November 1, 2019

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