Prince William

Prince William

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ISBN: 9781612281919

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The life of a prince is all leisure and ease—or is it? Breaking with tradition, Prince William’s mother, Princess Diana, made sure her sons William and Harry would have a more normal childhood than their father, Prince Charles. William went to public schools and universities and joined many sports teams, from swimming to soccer and polo. His life still wasn’t completely normal, though, with heavy media attention and always having to mind his p’s and q’s. The media didn’t let up when he fell in love, either. William and his fiancée, Kate Middleton, were followed closely in the months leading up to their wedding. The world was grateful for the coverage of the extravaganza, as an estimated two billion people watched them exchange vows in a fairy-tale ceremony at Westminster Abbey. Find out how Prince William manages to balance his royal responsibilities and his career as a search and rescue pilot all while “keeping his feet firmly on the ground.”

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