Recipe and Craft Guide to India

Recipe and Craft Guide to India

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ISBN: 9781584159384

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Also called Bharat and Hindustan, India has long delighted the senses with its lively whirl of colors, sounds, fragrances, and textures. Now you can host your own Indian party with ten scrumptious recipes from all across India. Follow the easy instructions to make papadum and dhokla, a spongy appetizer topped with chilies; chicken karhai; and spicy rice and peas. From snacks and appetizers to main courses, desserts, and drinks, your guests will relish each flavorful bite. Spruce up your party with ten colorful crafts that are sure to bring India’s traditions and fashions to your classroom or home. Decorate your floor with Rangoli, paint some henna tattoos, and make flower garlands for everyone to wear. Along the way, you’ll learn interesting facts about India’s holidays, people, and everyday life—like what promises Indian brothers and sisters make to each other. Step into another land and learn about India’s treasures!

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