Recipe and Craft Guide to Japan

Recipe and Craft Guide to Japan

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ISBN: 9781584159339

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Experience the fascination and folklore of Japan by using common household items to re-create traditional crafts like kokeshi dolls and origami cranes. Learn legends that promise good fortune as you sculpt a Beckoning Cat or paint a blind Daruma. Celebrate holidays as the Japanese do by cooking mochi and moon-viewing noodles, or by painting a seasonal sumi-e poem.

Japan is a nation that honors tradition, yet it is among the world’s most technologically advanced countries. The Japanese enjoy the longest life spans of any people on earth, a fact believed to be greatly due to their diet. See how the people of this crowded land came to depend on the sea surrounding them for sustenance, then try your hand at making teriyaki salmon and ozoni, a soup that features shrimp. Step into the pages of this book to share Japanese culture, with its love of nature and expression of art in daily life.

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