Recipe and Craft Guide to the Caribbean

Recipe and Craft Guide to the Caribbean

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ISBN: 9781584159353

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In the sunny Caribbean, bananas, coconuts, cashews, mangoes, and limes grow on trees, and some fish even seem to fly. Though the islands share a tragic past of warfare, slavery, and pirate raids, each island has a unique heritage. Poor Man’s Fritters are a legacy of slavery. The molasses and brown sugar in gingerbread come from the cane fields that made the islands rich. Curry is a contribution from East India; a taste of Spain is in Christmas tembleque; and pirates and native Arawaks are remembered in the cooking method called barbecue. Capture the spirit of Caribbean cooks and artists as you toss a colorful salad with fresh fruits. Craft seashells into picture frames, and make musical instruments from dried gourds. Stencil a Jolly Roger flag, and make a scary mask out of common household materials. With a few simple ingredients, some hot peppers, and household supplies, you can cook and craft your way across the Caribbean, and find out what gives its culture so much spice.

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