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ISBN: 9781584156734

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At age fifteen, Rihanna received the break that most people only dream about: A chance meeting with a popular producer in her home country of Barbados quickly led her down the path to stardom. Within months, she auditioned for Def Jam’s CEO Jay-Z. Hours later, she signed a record deal that changed her life. By age nineteen, Rihanna had become an international superstar, topping the R&B charts in the United States and worldwide. In less than three years, she had released three albums, was nominated for several Grammy Awards, and had received numerous other music awards.

Rihanna’s beauty and fashion sense have launched yet another piece of her young career. Magazines all over the world have featured Rihanna on their covers. CoverGirl Cosmetics named her their spokesperson in 2007. Life has really changed for this girl who used to call herself a tomboy when she was growing up in Barbados.

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