San Antonio

San Antonio

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ISBN: 9781584158110

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Maria and her classmates can t wait for their class trip to San Antonio. They ll get to see the Alamo, where Davy Crockett and Jim Bowie fought for Texas freedom in 1836. Before they can go, the class has a lot of other things to learn about the second largest city in Texas. They find out about the Native Americans who lived in the area before Spanish missionaries arrived, and how the Alamo and four other Spanish missions still stand along Mission Trail. They find out about people from many other countries who have also influenced the city, including Germans, Greeks, and Chinese, which is celebrated by San Antonio s Institute of Texan Cultures. On the big day, not only does the class visit the Alamo and the institute, but they also visit River Walk, an ingenious solution for controlling the San Antonio River that provides beauty and entertainment for all.

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