Sean Kingston

Sean Kingston

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ISBN: 9781584156796

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Singer/songwriter Sean Kingston might be sporting diamond necklaces worth thousands of dollars these days, but his life hasn’t always been that flashy. Splitting his childhood between Miami, Florida, and Kingston, Jamaica, Sean dealt with more hardship than most kids. His parents were divorced. A run-in with the law at age eleven landed him in jail. By sixteen, Sean was homeless. Even with all his troubles, nothing stopped him from pursuing his music career.

A big fan and user of MySpace, Sean sought out a record producer who could make him famous. With a lot of persistence, he found the perfect person to get the job done—producer J.R. Rotem. In less than a year, Sean topped the charts with “Beautiful Girls,” a song about losing a girlfriend.

When faced with tough times, many people give up. Sean has pushed forward. This artist is living his dream.

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