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Southeast Asian Cultures in Perspective

Southeast Asian Cultures in Perspective

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ISBN: 9781612285658

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From bustling cities with gleaming skyscrapers, to deep, mysterious jungles, Southeast Asia is a region of fantastic extremes. On the one hand, it is made up of modern nations with houses, cars, and businesses like those in the United States. On the other, these lands feature large stretches of wild territory where elephants and tigers still roam in the shadows of towering, active volcanoes. Such extremes do not bother the people of Southeast Asia. In fact, they are proud to be modern caretakers of their sprawling national parks and the rich array of wild creatures and plants within them. At the same time, the Indonesians, Cambodians, and other Southeast Asians strive to preserve their native cultures. These range from ancient faiths like Islam, Buddhism, Christianity, and traditional religions to modern pastimes like soccer, computer blogging, and taking in the latest Star Trek movie.

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