Stephenie Meyer

Stephenie Meyer

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ISBN: 9781584159070

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As hard as it may be for some people to imagine a Mormon mother of three writing one of the bestselling vampire love stories in the world, it was even harder for Stephenie Meyer. After all, she had never really done any writing before, and although she knew something was missing in her life, she did not know what it was. It wasn’t until she had an unusual, unexpected dream about a romantic young vampire who sparkled in the sunlight that her journey from small-town mother to worldwide author began. Today, Meyer is one of the most recognized writers across the globe. Her stories have not only created a series of bestselling novels, but also blockbuster movies that have earned millions at the box office.

Find out how Meyer, like the heroines of countless fairy tales, went from rags to riches, thanks to a handsome vampire named Edward and a gentle human girl named Bella. Her adventure is almost as exciting as theirs—but without the fangs!

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