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The Experience of Israel: Sights and Cities

The Experience of Israel: Sights and Cities

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ISBN: 9781612286822

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Israel has been called the world s biggest tiny country. Both familiar yet exotic, it s the same size as New Jersey but as varied as the whole of the United States.

The Experience of Israel: Sights and Cities takes you on an exploration of extraordinary places like ancient Jerusalem, ultra–modern Tel Aviv, the Sea of Galilee where Jesus walked on the water, and a kibbutz—the world s most suaccessful communal society. We ll encounter the Dead Sea—a salt lake that s the lowest point on the face of the Earth—and the coral reefs of the Red Sea with their impossibly colorful fish.

We ll be visiting the cradle of monotheism and extraordinary archaeological and historical sites. And we ll also explore modern Israel—a fast–growing center for global innovation in surprising areas, like drones and drip irrigation.

Welcome to the beginning of a journey to my favorite sights and cities in the land of Israel.

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