The Life and Times of Attila the Hun

The Life and Times of Attila the Hun

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ISBN: 9781584157410

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Attila, king of the Huns, thundered out of the Steppes of Central Asia early in the fifth century CE. He rode at the head of his horrific band of horsemen, spreading fear and wreaking havoc throughout the European countryside. History recalls him as a terror of monumental proportions. Known as the “scourge of God” by early Christians, he ruled for two short decades and was gone.

Attila took on the mighty Roman Empire and contributed mightily to its fall. He led his barbarian hordes to the gates of Constantinople, across present-day Germany and France to Orléans, and deep into today s Italy. He left behind a sinister legacy, borne out by the blood and bones of tens of thousands of his victims.

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