The Life and Times of Franz Joseph Haydn

The Life and Times of Franz Joseph Haydn

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ISBN: 9781584151937

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Franz Joseph Haydn s importance in the history of music is so great that it would be difficult to summarize his achievements in a few paragraphs. He inherited the sonata from Bach and made it into a great form of musical expression. He established the symphony, preparing the way for Mozart and Beethoven. He is often called the father of the string quartet. In fact, Mozart commented that it was from Haydn that he learned how to compose for four-stringed instruments.

Haydn possessed a sunny disposition and a lovable nature. He was extremely generous and had a warm heart. He is quoted as saying, Anybody can see by the look of me that I am a good-natured sort of fellow. Much of his good nature can be heard in his music, which lives on nearly 200 years after is death in 1809.

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