The Life and Times of Julius Caesar

The Life and Times of Julius Caesar

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ISBN: 9781584153375

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Julius Caesar is one of the most famous figures in ancient Rome. He was born into a turbulent era, when different factions were trying to control the government. He survived and began a steady rise in importance.

He became a very successful military commander who added more than 200,000 square miles to the territories under Rome s control. But his triumphs created powerful enemies in Rome. They wanted to strip him of his power. He defeated those enemies in a civil war that made him even more powerful.

He had a famous love relationship with Cleopatra, the queen of Egypt. When it seemed that nothing could hold him back, he was assassinated in the Roman Senate. One of his most notable accomplishments still affects people today.

He reformed the calendar and established the length of a year at its present 365 days, with a leap year every four years. The month of July is named after him.

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