The Life and Times of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

The Life and Times of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

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ISBN: 9781584151807

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As a little boy, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart began writing musical compositions when most kids his age were still learning to read. By the time he was seven, Mozart was an accomplished musician who could play several instruments and also sing. Accompanied by his older sister, Nannerl, and his father, Leopold, young Wolfgang toured Europe. He performed before royalty and some of the richest members of society. By the time he was twelve, Wolfgang was famous. He first tasted failure as a teenager, as audiences ignored his operas, and he had trouble making money. He began to be known for his bad jokes and relentless pursuit of women. He eventually married the sister of the woman who broke his heart. In adulthood, Mozart s problems grew. He couldn t keep a job. He was usually broke. One of the greatest composers the world had ever known was forced to make a living giving piano lessons. Yet today, he is one of the most celebrated and respected composers of all time.

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