The Massachusetts Bay Colony: The Puritans Arrive from England

The Massachusetts Bay Colony: The Puritans Arrive from England

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ISBN: 9781584154600

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John Winthrop s plan for the Citty upon a Hill was grand and based on noble motives. He wanted a place where he and other Puritans could live and prosper without religious persecution. That place was the Massachusetts Bay Colony. Winthrop and his fellow Puritans landed in Massachusetts Bay in 1630. Soon they had organized a government, started towns, and were sending goods back to England. Decades later, Boston, Massachusetts, was a hotbed of radical activity during the years before the Revolutionary War. The war started with the battles of Lexington and Concord in the Massachusetts countryside not far from Boston. The freedom that came for America after that struggle went far toward achieving the dream of John Winthrop. The United States of America became a sort of citty upon a hill, where all men and women had the right to live peacefully without persecution.

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