The Monsters of Hercules

The Monsters of Hercules

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ISBN: 9781584159278

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You may know him as the broad-shouldered, long-haired cartoon character from the Disney movie, but Hercules, or Heracles, was far more than that to the Greeks. He was a hero who simply could not be stopped, no matter what job he was given or what monster he faced. From the time he was a baby and strangled the serpents Hera sent to his crib until Zeus made him immortal, Hercules outshone all other mortals. Read about the monsters he faced and the tricks he used to beat them. Hear their final thoughts as they went up against this mighty warrior—and lost. Find out why Hera was so angry with the young hero that she spent years trying to ruin his life. Meet Hercules—half man, half god, and all adventure!

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