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The Railroad and the Civil War (1860s)

The Railroad and the Civil War (1860s)

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ISBN: 9781612282893

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The Civil War tore a hole in the country, creating a wound that was almost impossible to heal. At a time when the two sides of the nation were still struggling to accept the war’s casualties, something else came along to unite the county again. It was the Transcontinental Railroad—a line of train tracks stretching from one side of the war–torn country to the next. Read about the battle to find the best route for the rails, and discover how laborers survived drilling through mountain peaks and the onslaught of winter blizzards. Meet the people who persevered to accomplish this railroad, including the determined Mormon workers, the Irish immigrants, and thousands of Chinese workers. Also find out about the scandals and the huge impact of the rails on the lives of countless Native Americans.

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