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The World of CrossFit

The World of CrossFit

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ISBN: 9781612285528

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CrossFit can hurt so good. Founder Greg Glassman wouldn t want it any other way. It is strength and endurance training designed to push you to the limit. CrossFit makes an impact, whether you re popular Indianapolis television anchor Lauren Lowrey, CrossFit box owner Jenna Innis Tieman, or forty-something mother of four–and certified CrossFit instructor–Lee Stewart. The best CrossFit athletes can make a lot of money. Rich Froning has won three straight CrossFit Games competitions. The 2013 title was worth $275,000. Some people think CrossFit is the best way to get in great shape. Others think its intensity sets people up for injury–or worse. One of its mascots is a muscular clown called Pukie. He s pictured getting sick after a workout that was too intense. How good is CrossFit? Let s take a look.

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