Threat to the Yangtze River Dolphin

Threat to the Yangtze River Dolphin

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ISBN: 9781584156840

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Yangtze River dolphins, also known as Baiji, have splashed in the waters of China’s Yangtze River for millions of years. The Chinese people have always loved these mammals. They considered the Baiji to be a beautiful part of their river, and they have told many stories about them.

Today, the Yangtze is a very different place. Trash floats in the water, and toxic chemicals pollute it. Thousands of boats travel up and down the river every day, and people use dangerous fishing equipment with sharp rolling hooks. The Yangtze River is no longer a safe place for the Baiji to live. Most of them have died out. Scientists worry that it might be too late for these dolphins. Is there any way to save them?

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