Tim McGraw

Tim McGraw

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ISBN: 9781584155010

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Country music superstar Tim McGraw may be famous, wealthy and happily married to the lovely Faith Hill today, but he didn t begin his life in an ideal home. His mama, Betty, became pregnant with him while she was still in high school by professional baseball player Tug McGraw. Tug didn t want to be bothered with fatherhood at that point in his career, and Betty just couldn t give up her baby for adoption. So, Tim McGraw was born into a single-parent home in a small town in Louisiana.

They didn t have much money in those early years, but they always had a lot of love. Betty prayed that one day her son would be somebody really special, but she had no idea Tim McGraw would become the music icon he is today. Over the years, Tim McGraw has won many awards, sold out many concert arenas, and made millions of dollars, but he has never forgotten his humble beginnings.

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