Ultra Running with Scott Jurek

Ultra Running with Scott Jurek

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ISBN: 9781584154846

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Scott Jurek likes to run. And run. And run. In fact, the longer he runs, the more Scott enjoys himself.

He is one of the best ultramarathon runner s in the United States. An ultramarathon is a race longer than a 26.2-mile marathon. Many ultramarathons are 100 miles or even longer.

When he was growing up, Scott didn’t like running. He preferred baseball, basketball, soccer, and especially cross-country skiing. Then a friend invited him to run a 50-mile race. Scott finished second. He realized he had a lot of ability. Soon he began winning races.

Scott is very busy. He works as a physical therapist. He conducts running camps. He coaches other runners. He travels a lot. And of course he continues to run ultramarathons. He is always seeking new extreme challenges.

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