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Understanding Iran Today

Understanding Iran Today

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ISBN: 9781612286471

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In all the Middle East, there s no other country quite like Iran. For one thing, its people are almost all Shiite Muslims. That s rare in a region where most Muslims are Sunnis. Iran s Shiite religion affects nearly everything that happens there. That s because the nation is a theocracy–one run by religious leaders and based on religious principles. And there s much more to Iran than religion. Colorful and varied as any Persian carpet, Iran is a rich pattern of peoples and customs. It s a large and beautiful country, too. Its mountains, deserts, and plains are home to some of the world s most endangered and special creatures. Iran s Persian past is still evident. In fact, Persian, not Arabic, is the official language. Iran s people make the nation truly special. As part of their Persian heritage, they re among the most generous and kind-hearted in the world. Just step inside and say Salaam!” That s your key for a fascinating visit to Iran.

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