We Visit Brazil

We Visit Brazil

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ISBN: 9781584158875

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So vast that it touches every South American country except Chile and Ecuador, Brazil is an environmentally, culturally, and socially diverse nation that is one of the most exciting places to visit in the world.

Although best known as the home of the Amazon River, Brazil also has spectacular beaches, beautiful forests, sophisticated cities, world-class shopping, and warm, welcoming people. Music and dance are very important to Brazilian culture, and at night neighborhoods are often filled with impromptu performances. During Carnival, the entire country celebrates.

The influence of Brazil’s days as a Spanish colony informs everything from its politics to its national cuisine. It is a modern country that embraces the past as much as the future, so visiting cities such as São Paulo can be like stepping back in time. Come take a tour of Brazil past and present to discover one of the most fascinating destinations on the planet.

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