We Visit Colombia

We Visit Colombia

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ISBN: 9781584158851

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For many people in the United States, thoughts of the South American country of Colombia include the best coffee in the world on one hand and guerrilla warfare and drug trafficking on the other. The danger lurking in rural areas keeps many tourists away, though the government of Colombia invites them with the slogan, “The only danger is that you are going to want to stay.” What else is there to see, and how do the people of Colombia view their country? Join veteran children’s book writer Rebecca Thatcher Murcia as she takes you on a personal tour of this vibrant country, from its festivals in coastal cities to the volcanoes and other natural wonders in the high Andes Mountains. Find out what Colombians eat for breakfast, and then try the recipe in the back. Explore their jobs, schools, and places of worship, and find out where they go on vacation. You might be surprised to find how much you and the people in Colombia have in common.

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