We Visit Cuba

We Visit Cuba

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ISBN: 9781584158905

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Visiting Cuba is like taking a fifty-year step back in time. Isolated from much of the Western World since Fidel Castro came to power in 1961, Cuba remains untouched by modern culture. DeSotos, Nash Ramblers, and Kaisers—automobiles practically extinct on U.S. streets—are the only cars available to the few Cubans who can afford to own one. Daily life runs at an unhurried pace, but the evenings are filled with dancing and traditional music at clubs and street festivals. The lack of modernization has been a boon for Cuba’s wildlife and natural resources. The government has established many protected areas, including six Biosphere Reserves. As a result, Cuba is emerging as a top destination for eco-tourists from around the world. From the historic city of Havana and its pirate past to the arts and culture of Santiago de Cuba and the lush rain forests of the Sierra Maestra range, get up close and personal with this unique country’s rich history and thriving culture.

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