We Visit Kuwait

We Visit Kuwait

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ISBN: 9781584159582

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Kuwait is one of the smallest Arabic countries but one of the wealthiest per capita, thanks to huge reserves of oil beneath its sands. It is a country of contradictions. While the capital city is modern and sophisticated, the rest of the country remains mostly undeveloped desert, unchanged for thousands of years. Although an Islamic state, Kuwait is one of the most democratic Muslim countries, even though it has been ruled by the same royal family for two centuries. Nestled between Iraq and Saudi Arabia along the Persian Gulf, the area has been an important trade hub since the time of Alexander the Great. With its rich history, natural (if harsh) beauty, friendly citizens, and intriguing culture, Kuwait is full of surprises. Come take a tour of this fascinating country, where the past coexists with the present to create a unique destination in the Middle East.

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