We Visit Panama

We Visit Panama

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ISBN: 9781584158936

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Come to Panama and see a small nation that acts like it is big. The Panama Canal transports ships from the Atlantic to the Pacific Ocean in less than a day. That feat alone makes Panama important to the rest of the world. But there is more to Panama than the canal. The Kuna Indians live on islands off the Caribbean coast, where they welcome vistors to observe their way of life. In the western highlands is the inactive Volcán Barú where quetzals fly. In Panama City is Casco Viejo, the old part of the city where Panama declared its independence from Colombia in 1903. The mysterious and sometimes dangerous Darién calls visitors to experience rain forests, beaches, and a spectacular collection of wildlife. And the Panama Canal always beckons to travelers who want to see how the famous locks work. You may find yourself wanting to stay in Panama rather than head home at the end of your visit.

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