We Visit Peru

We Visit Peru

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ISBN: 9781584158868

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Ask a traveler about the wonders of Peru, and he will probably mention the ruins of “lost cities” that were thriving before the Europeans arrived, such as Machu Picchu, one of the homes of the Inca people. He might also mention the Moche pyramids and the Nazca Lines, evidence that the indigenous people of Peru had advanced civilizations.

Peru’s geography allowed many different cultures to develop in isolation from the others. They began to mix when the Inca moved tribes they had conquered to different parts of their kingdom. After Spain conquered the area, other people from Europe and Asia moved to Peru as well.

The combining of all these people and cultures underlies almost every aspect of Peruvian life. Come explore the vibrant country that Peru has become, from the historically rich capital of Lima to the traditional floating islands on Lake Titicaca. Find out how the people work, play, and celebrate in this colorful portrait of Peru.

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