We Visit Puerto Rico

We Visit Puerto Rico

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ISBN: 9781584158929

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Pristine beaches, limestone mountains, and a tropical rain forest are some of the scenic wonders that make Puerto Rico a modern paradise. Unlike other Latin American places to visit and explore, however, Puerto Rico is a part of the United States, and the people who live there are U.S. citizens. Puerto Rican history dates back to ancient cultures established long before Christopher Columbus explored the island in 1493. Later, these cultures gave way to the influence of Spanish settlers and Africans brought over as slaves. Reminders of all those cultures, such as impressive forts and soaring cathedrals, can still be seen in some of the island’s cities and sampled in its spicy cuisine. Come along and learn about the wildlife of El Yunque, the battles of El Morro, and the people who popularized salsa music. Discover some of the most influential people with Puerto Rican roots, including baseball hall-of-famer Roberto Clemente, actress Rita Moreno, and entertainer Jennifer Lopez. Then make a tasty treat of coconut kisses and a mask to celebrate Carnival as souvenirs of your visit to the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico.

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