We Visit Venezuela

We Visit Venezuela

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ISBN: 9781584158844

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The tropical Latin American country of Venezuela offers flat-topped mountains, dense jungles, dazzling beaches, far-reaching plains, and thundering waterfalls. In these diverse geographic areas live giant anteaters, playful river dolphins, and loud howler monkeys, as well as the largest rodents in the world. Be prepared for danger, however. Venezuela also boasts the largest snake in the world, sharp-toothed crocodiles, snarling jaguars, and flesh-eating piranhas. The citizens of this country—especially the cowboys of the plains—are a fun-loving group who enjoy singing, dancing, feasting, and celebrating. Meet them and some famous Venezuelans, including pitcher Francisco Rodriguez and beauty queen Irene Sáez, who became a state governor. Find out how people work, go to school, and spend their spare time in this colorful view of Venezuela.

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