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ISBN: 9781612283180

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Few people would have guessed that William James Adams, Jr. would grow up to be famous. Born in the poor Boyle Heights area of Los Angeles, statistically, Will was more likely to join a gang than to become, the famous rapper and songwriter from the wildly popular Black Eyed Peas. Will might have had an idea of what lay ahead of him, though. At the age of 11, he promised his mother that he would buy her a house one day. Once he made it big, he did just that—and one for his grandmother as well. It is no wonder that the words are the end of this amazing artist’s name. Today, Will is known for being many things to many people. In addition to performing with the Peas, he writes music for both his own group and for many other well–known artists, as well. He also acts in films, supports presidential candidates, and heads several charities. His story is truly one of inspiration.

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